All Or Nothing

bits and pieces of valuable information about something or nothing…

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New everyday

I seem to be going through a creative optimistic phase…every day feels great. So I decided to write just one positive experience each day. Nothing dynamic…for instance for today I had coffee with several positive artistic people and walked away on air

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twenty things I aspire to be

to make others lives easier

to use any talent I have   To find it first

to look,after my body and soul

to be know. As kind and wise.  And be it

to feel as though my life has been worthwhile

to strive 

to learn

to improve

To laugh

To care

To find spiritual peace

To appreciate

To be content.  Never bored.

To be alive and passionate

To savour

To use all that I have

To be positive, not scared

To be me and be able to live as me

To do

To look ahead and be ready for change






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